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DO NOT tick the boxes for categories you do not cater for. If I receive feedback from the public or discover via other means that you are listed in a category you should not be in I will remove your listing from that category and possibly also from my web site without a refund.

Regrettably this is sometimes necessary to safeguard the reputation of Friendly-Places.com and maintain public confidence.

Your friendly Categories

Please only select categories which you genuinely cater for.

Please hover over each category name highlighted in blue below to see minimum requirements for that category, or see the Rough Guide to Minimum Requirements

You may select ONE of the first two categories as appropriate:

Adults Only-friendly (child-free zones)Places that are exclusively for adults. This is a growing market sector. You should not ask to be listed in this category if you accept babies and/or children UNLESS you are able to offer completely self-contained self-catering accommodation and can provide accommodation for BOTH adults seeking a child-free break AND families with children. If so please tick the box below and I will list you in both categories.

Child & Family-FriendlyYou have a tolerant and welcoming attitude to children and provide high chairs, cots, children's portions/meals (serviced accommodation only). In addition, baby-sitting/baby-listening service, dedicated play areas, activities etc., would be good extras. If you only cater for children above or below a certain age please state this in your descriptive text to avoid disappointment and the possibility of complaints!
NOTE: if you provide self-catering accommodation where you are able to offer completely separate facilities for guests with children and those who want an adults-only ambience, and you would like to be listed in both categories, please tick this box to confirm you have these facilities and I will list you in both

Now indicate which of the following categories you welcome:
(hover your cursor over the blue highlighting to read the guidance notes)

Biker-Friendly You welcome motorcyclists and should offer off-road parking for motorcycles (preferably with ground anchors and/or a lock-up), drying facilities for wet gear. Knowledge of good touring routes in the area would be a nice extra.

Business Traveller-FriendlyYou welcome people travelling on business, alone or with colleagues. For women travelling alone, you have security measures to ensure a comfortable, enjoyable and safe stay. You offer Internet access (preferably free and WiFi), early/late checkin and/or checkout if required. Free on-site parking is preferable. In addition, a safe, laundry and room service would be nice extras but not essential.

Cyclist-FriendlyYou welcome cyclists and provide safe storage for bicycles and drying facilities for wet gear.

Disability-FriendlyYou provide at least: easy/level access for wheelchair-users/people with restricted mobility from parking area to at least some bedrooms and public areas. Nice extras would be specially adapted bedrooms/bathrooms, a lift.

Dog/Pet-FriendlyYou welcome dogs (and possibly other pets) into your property.

Gay & Lesbian: LGBT (GLBT) friendlyLesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender guests are made to feel welcome in your establishment. You offer the same courtesy, respect and discretion to all your guests regardless of their sexual orientation. In this category of the site, businesses which are GLBT owned and run are displayed first.
LGBT-owned & run: (If you tick this box, in the GLBT-friendly section of the site only your listing will display the GLBT owned symbol next to your business name, the words "GLBT owned and operated" will display in the Quick Facts section at the top of your listing and your listing will be given priority above other properties which are not GLBT owned/operated.)

Groups-FriendlyYou are able to offer serviced or self-catering accommodation to larger groups (e.g. families, friends or activity groups), either together in one property or in a number of separate properties in close proximity.

Smoker-FriendlySmokers are welcome in your establishment. You are ONLY eligible for this category if you have some designated smoking bedrooms (serviced accommodation) or one or more properties where smoking is allowed indoors (self-catering).: You are ONLY eligible for this category if you have some designated smoking bedrooms (serviced accommodation) or one or more properties where smoking is allowed indoors (self-catering).

Solo Traveller-FriendlyYou do not charge or only charge a nominal single supplement, solo guests are given a decent table in the restaurant/dining room and are welcomed on an equal basis with couples and families etc.. For lone female travellers, you have security measures to ensure a comfortable, enjoyable and safe stay.

Vegetarian and Special DietsYou cater for vegetarians and food for vegetarians is prepared and cooked separately so that it does not come into contact with any food containing meat or fish (e.g. using separate chopping board, cleaning utensils, pans etc. after using for meat/fish). You may also cater for people on other special/restricted diets, e.g. some of the following: vegan, coeliac/gluten-free, dairy-free, low-fat, low-carb, diabetic. - applies to serviced accommodation only.

Walker-FriendlyYou welcome walkers, have facilities for drying wet clothes and boots, and have a reasonable knowledge of local walks, perhaps with maps and walking guides available for guests to use.

The Photograph to include in your listing:

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Rating: Please leave this section blank if your property is ungraded

Rating Authority:

e.g. Visit Britain, or AA

e.g. 1, 2 3, 4 or 5
If your listing includes several properties with different ratings, please type the range covered, e.g. 3-5

Rating Scheme:

**Business Type**: Please state what kind of business it is. e.g. Hotel, Bed & Breakfast, Guest House, Pub, Self-catering accommodation, Campsite etc..

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Property Name & Location etc: **Property Name:**
Please provide the name of the Business

** Address line 1:**
Please provide the first line of your address.

Address line 2 (optional) :

Village or District (optional) :
Note: You may wish to put the name of your village or district here if it's somewhere people might search for.

**Town or City:**
Please type the name of your town or city.


Please note: for properties in Edinburgh I use "Edinburgh & Lothians" instead of Midlothian because I think this is more obvious for customers (especially those from outside the UK) and makes it easier for them to find you, even though I know it is not strictly correct!

If none of the counties listed above matches your location, please type your county name into the box below:

A postcode is required. If you have no postcode, please type a dash: '-'

Please select your country/nation.NOTE: We ONLY list properties in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man, Channel Isles.

Latitude & Longitude (to pinpoint your location via Google Mapping):
If you don't supply this information, I will try to locate your property on Google Maps myself.

(if the property is located to the west of Greenwich Observatory, the longitude should include a minus sign - at the beginning)

If you don't already know your Latitude and Longitude, you can get it from Google Maps - instructions below:

  1. Click here to go to Google Maps (opens in new window)
  2. Type your address or postcode into the search bar near the top to find your location
  3. Use the Zoom controls on the map to zoom in so that you can clearly see your property.
  4. Put your cursor directly over your property and right-click (click the right mouse button)
  5. On the little menu that pops out, left-click (click with left mouse button) on What's Here.
  6. Now look in the search bar near the top and you will see that in the box where you typed your address, the latitude and longitude now appear, separated by a comma, e.g. 51.501381,-0.141886 (Buckingham Palace!).
  7. Please type the first number of your latitude up to but not including the comma in the Latitude box above, and everything after the comma including the - if it is included, in the Longitude box above. (There will be a - included if your location is west of the Royal Observatory in Greenwich).
  8. Please take great care with the above procedure because this controls where the marker for the location of your property will appear on the Google Maps used on this web site.

Please provide the telephone number for customers to call you. for customers to call you


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